Scenes From Glen Ellen

Though Glen Ellen remains off limits, KSRO managed to get behind police lines and see some of the devastation left behind to the community.


  1. Glen Ellen resident

    Hey that’s really cool how you managed to get around the police barricade and take pictures of people’s burned down homes and publish them, even before the owners were allowed back in. Scum

  2. Glen Ellen Resident #2

    As wonderful of a job KSRO has done reporting on the fire and keeping the community informed, I can’t disagree with the previous poster. Those images represent horribly damaged lives and families. And as was pointed, they can’t even get in themselves to start the recovery and healing process.

  3. Frequent visitor

    The totality of this disaster is an unfortunate test to the human emotion. Photos provided shouldn’t be shamed. Why not look at it another way! The site of such photos could instill a sense of, I’m not giving up and I will do anything I can to help in the recovery process,though tough. If you walk in tomorrow with all your emotions not intact, would it not be best to not get surprised/ overwhelmed all over again! So perhaps in all our communities lose we can reach deep inside and recognize that a photo can be worth a thousand words not to be ignored, versus not just a blatant reaction.
    Hope in healing and love-

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