Scenes in Bennett Valley

The following Images were from the Bennett Valley area.


  1. Petaluma Pete

    In the making of this video, I chose one of our Petaluma community street pianos that has now survived two rainy winters out there on the sidewalk. It moans and groans from age and stress when you light it up. Seems appropriate considering the subject matter. Also has a soft pedal that brings in an erie muffled far-away surreal feeling. Key word being surreal for sure.
    The photo research for this project over the past week was one of the most heart-wrenching I ever experienced in my 67 years. Cried like a baby a couple times. Feel better since I got it all out but, hey, can’t complain compared to these poor people.
    Thank you First Responders, especially those who lost everything while fighting for others. This video is for you. ♥️
    #sonomaproud #sonomastrong

  2. Elizabeth

    These photos, while attention grabbing, are as annoying as most of the SF news channels. What good does it do? We see random unindentified photos of destruction and damage. It’s just shock value and provides no real news or information for those of us wondering the extent and location of fire damage.

  3. Catherine Cardozo

    While it would be nice to have a detailed description of each picture, I certainly understand the necessity of posting them. In this case, I don’t feel it is for what you call, “shock value.” Though I can understand why you may feel that. This has been a shocking, horrifying, tragic, historical disaster. I knew going in that it would be difficult to see the pictures and I have had to wait until the right time for me. I have chosen not to go and see the devastation that surrounds me and gradually seeing these pictures helps me to accept what I am trying so hard to deny. It is beyond sad. But it is a reality that we, in our own time have to come to terms with.

  4. Darcy Huffman

    Shock value?? This are tragic photos taken of mass destruction. Shock yes value no. Thank you for posting these picture of my original home town. I can’t be there right now and these help me to realize the gravity of all of the loss

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