Interview: Pro and Con Viewpoints Regarding Regional Measure 3 on the June 5th Ballot


Regional Measure 3 would establish a bridge toll increase for transportation projects in all nine counties in the Bay Area. It will be on the ballot for the June 5th election.

A yes vote is a vote in favor of raising bridge tolls in the Bay Area—excluding tolls for the Golden Gate Bridge—by $3 over six years to fund the Bay Area Traffic Relief Plan, including a $4.5 billion slate of transportation projects.

A no vote is a vote against raising bridge tolls in the Bay Area to fund the Bay Area Traffic Relief Plan.

Supporting the measure is Jake McKensie, a Rohnert Park councilman and Chair of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, starts with how the measure would provide $100 million to design and construct improvements on Highway 37, would also widen the Novato Narrows, and extend the SMART train to Windsor:



Opposing the measure is David Schonbrunn, President of TRANSDEF (Transportation Solutions Defense and Education Fund) states why he is against Measure 3, his recommendations for alternate focuses for Bay Area transportation, and what he proposes instead of highway widening for the future of transportation locally and across the nine counties of the Bay Area:




  1. matty thorsen

    I would vote against anything moonbeam brown comes up with. His crazy ass has ruined California.

  2. KSmith

    Wait, so they add a toll to all the Bay Bridges and then spend the money in the north bay communities to help commuters that typically don’t use a bridge, or if they do usually they cross the GG Bridge, the only one that will not have an increase. No wonder Jake McKensie, the Rohnert Park councilman is all for it. We in the area around the bridges pay the tolls, and he gets all his roads fixed. Yea, that sound fair.

  3. Rosinante

    What no one mentions is that after voting on the first three toll raises. A bridge authority committee will be able to raise tolls without the Public Vote. Raising the toll will be arbitrary and YOU ( the Public ) will no longer decide. They will, not you !!!

  4. Rosinante

    If you don’t care what it costs vote Yes
    If you do care what is costs vote No

  5. Joe Liu

    I’d vote yes. Toll increase can modernize the Bay Area transportation system for everyone.

  6. Mike Forster

    Measure 3 is unfair. It would enable the millions of citizen voters to impose a tax only on the 400,000 vehicles that must cross bridges each workday. Many of those are low income workers or small businesses that can least afford the additional cost. And this measure will deliver minimal benefits to those toll-payers. The rest of us should not impose a tax on only a minority of our friends and neighbors. Vote on June 5, and vote no on Regional Measure 3.

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