Hashtag Your License Plate and Raise Funds for Homeless Services


California drivers may soon be able to help the state’s homelessness crisis. State Senator Richard Roth’s bill was recently approved by the state Senate and it creates a specialized license plate that uses the hashtag symbol as the first of the seven digits.



Roth explained while a physical home is crucial, supportive services like mental health programs, substance abuse programs and job counseling are critical to truly transform a person’s life. Roth added his bill creates a funding system for those services. California accounts for nearly a quarter of the nation’s homeless population. The bill now moves to the Assembly.


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  1. Judi Souza

    Why do none o the articles about this Senate bill have a number? So, we that do communicate with our legislators, can follow up….maybe ask our Senator to co-author it, support it, etc.?

    Judi Souza

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