“Urban Inferno: The Night Santa Rosa Burned” Documentary Tickets Are NOW AVAILABLE for the Thursday, July 19th ADDITIONAL 9pm Screening


The early morning Nixle pings on our phones. Sudden banging on our doors from neighbors startling us to reality. The realization that orange and yellow hues of fire were devouring everything in site.

Now our story is being told through the lens of those who suffered through the first fateful hours of the most devastating fire event in California history.

Tickets are NOW on sale for the Thursday, July 19th premiere at 9pm at the Roxy Stadium 14 Theater in downtown Santa Rosa. Starting Friday, July 20th multiple screenings will be available daily across the street at 3rd Street Cinemas.

TICKETS for the Thursday, July 19th, 9pm SECOND SHOWING (7pm is Sold Out.)

TICKETS for the Friday, July 20th Showings and Beyond.


“Urban Inferno, the Night Santa Rosa Burned” is the latest documentary film from Santa Rosa’s Award Winning film-maker Dr. Stephen Seager, a local physician and psychiatrist. Dr. Seager was chased from his burning neighborhood “that terrible night”, and as he was fleeing with family and pets he declared that a documentary film MUST be made of this nightmare and it MUST be made by ”someone who lived it”.

Amaturo Sonoma Media President, Michael O’Shea, and Director Dr. Seager joined Pat Kerrigan on the KSRO Morning News to share their experiences when the fires first broke out, why Dr. Seager felt he needed to embark on telling our community’s story, as well as other facets of the production, including the upcoming premiere happening on Thursday, July 19th at the Roxy 14 Theater in downtown Santa Rosa:




Dr. Seager invited KSRO’s News director Pat Kerrigan to join in as co-executive producers of Urban Inferno. The other Executive producer is Mette Seager, a physician at Kaiser and wife of director Stephan Seager.



Production started in December; the film was just finished this week, with 3-time Emmy Award Winning Cinematographer James Fortier and Original Music from the producers of Nine Inch Nails. Urban Inferno has been entered into 30 film festivals domestic and abroad this fall and winter, but the World premiere will be at The Roxy Theater in downtown Santa Rosa, with proceeds going to fire-related charities. After the premiere the film will begin a regular open-ended “run” at Third Street Cinemas, again with a portion of the proceeds going to fire-related charities.


  1. Terry Hollenstain

    I spent that night from 2:30 am on in my car with my four pets listening to KSRO and wondering if my house just west of Coffee Park had burned (I was very lucky — it did not burn). I was not able to get to my job in St. Helena for a week. I lived in Rincon Valley during the 1964 fire — this one was much scarier.

  2. Joyce Neifert

    Please, please tell me this film will be captioned. The Deaf community was hard hit by this tragedy.

  3. Jodi

    Moved out of state… If this becomes available on DVD please let me know. Would love to get a copy of it.

  4. Kathy Keen

    My heart still hurts..I still cry every time I think about what happened at 2 am that morning..Omg teared just writing this… It changed my life Forever
    Most of the funds need to go to us .. lost everything / 41 years of memories Poof!
    And Fema paid $11050 .. cant replace things my kids made, photos, things my grandma gave me before she passed .. Things from my father in law before he passed in 2014

    1329 Miller Dr .. Gone in a flash.. less than 10 min to leave at 2 am with Noooooo notice from Authorities .. we all woke up on our own or woke our neighbors up
    Kathy Keen

  5. Kathy Keen

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaa just saw this :Once again, all proceeds from the screening will go directly to local fire-related charities.
    I was driven out of Santa Rosa after 30 years here ,,, No housing
    I now live in Pahoa HI …

  6. Kathy Keen

    I just listened to the first interview above and there is a sense of Arrogance from Michael from KSRO..
    Thank you Pat and Thank you Steven!
    I would love a copy of it since I dont live there any more

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    There is certainly a lot to learn about this topic.
    I really like all the points you have made.

  8. Susan DuCharme

    I would very much like to see this. Santa Rosa was my home town. We moved out of the state just a few weeks before the fire swept through. We have friends who lost everything. We kept abreast of happenings through news casts, The Press Democrat and friends postings on FB.
    Is there any chance of buying a copy of the movie.
    Simply Awful.

  9. Roy Brent

    I’ll be leaving California permanently in a matter of days; I, too, hope there will be a DVD or BR disc, or digital upload such as YouTube.

    My story is at the link included.

  10. Dawn Otani

    I hope this film will be captioned for the deaf. There were several people who lost their homes and survived. I would go but already have plans out of town.

  11. Linda Adrain

    Will you have a section for people whose homes burned?
    I would like to go to your premiere.
    I lived in Journey’s End MHP.
    Everything was on fire when I left and went to Memorial
    because I couldn’t breathe… had heart surgery one week later.
    Should I go ahead and buy a general seating ticket?

  12. Colleen McCune

    We left the area due to the emotional toll it was taking on our family. Please let us know if a DVD copy will become available. We were driving in the fire to get out. We came back before the military came in, I fell to my news when I saw what was left…nothing. Thank you for making this documentary. In honor of all the victims who lost their lives, the ones who survived and lost everything, and the ones who didn’t lose their home. The entire night will never will leave our hearts and minds.

  13. Colleen McCune

    *knees. Typo from above. Also thank you for all first resonders and firefighters. We have the utmost respect and gratitude to you all.

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