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Petaluma Firefighters Respond to Ebola Call

A 9-11 call on Sunday prompted Petaluma Firefighters in full protective gear to respond to a report of a possible Ebola infection. The call came in just after 5pm and the person said that two people could be sick at a Petaluma residence. Petaluma officials called the U.S. Centers for ...

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Ebola Czar Should Be Health Pro, Not Ron Klain

Guest Cheri Jacobus, political strategist, pundit and writer for Capitol Strategies.

Posted 10/20/2014 9:52:00 AM

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10/20/2014 Mayor says suspect in 7 deaths is sex offender Indiana mayor says suspect in deaths of 7 women had been convicted of sex crimes in Texas read full article...
10/20/2014 Man gets 1 to 2 years in buggy horse drive-by Pennsylvania man given 1 to 2 years in drive-by shooting that killed horse pulling buggy read full article...
10/20/2014 Correction: Pit Bull Vote story Correction: Pit Bull Vote story read full article...
10/20/2014 Survey: Pay raises rarer despite strong US hiring Survey: Wage increases grow scarcer even as US hiring remains strong; sales also slow read full article...
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