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Does the State Have Your Unclaimed Property?

You might have cash or other property just sitting around waiting for you to claim it. The state Controller’s Office is overflowing with everything from cash to gold bars and jewelery that is unclaimed by its lawful owners. You can check to see if any of it is yours by going to ...

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California Real Estate Market Improves - Latest with Mike Kelly

California Real Estate Market Improves - Latest with Mike Kelly

Posted 4/17/2015 7:18:00 AM

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4/20/2015 Appeals court rules against higher water rates for big users Court says San Juan Capistrano water rates designed to encourage conservation unconstitutional read full article...
4/20/2015 Family spokesman: Alabama woman leaves to join ISIS in Syria Spokesman: Alabama woman joined ISIS militants in Syria after being recruited on Internet read full article...
4/20/2015 Restoration projects in $134 million preliminary agreement Oil spill restoration projects in $134 million preliminary agreement among BP and governments read full article...
4/20/2015 Judge returns ultra-rich club founder Tim Blixseth to jail Judge sends ultra-rich club founder Tim Blixseth back to jail over financial disclosures read full article...
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