At 3:20am on Sunday, August 24th a 6.0 magnitude earthquake was reported 3miles NW of American Canyon in Napa County. Newstalk 1350 and the New FM 103.5 KSRO is your source for Earthquake information. Check here for road closures, power outages, epicenter information, and more resources. Call the KSRO Newsroom with your reports at (707) 636-1350.

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Rain in The Northbay

The rain hitting the Northbay Thursday is a welcome sight, but nothing near what we need. Average rainfall in Santa Rosa is about 31 inches. So far this year we have had just 12 inches. The showers yesterday and today only deposited about two-tenths of an inch of rain. There may ...

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Napa Earthquake Not Big Enough for FEMA's Attention

Guest Veronica Verde, spokesperson for FEMA .

Posted 9/18/2014 9:31:00 AM

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9/18/2014 Prosecutors charge woman who claimed abduction Prosecutors say woman, 18, caused false police report in Michigan after claiming abduction read full article...
9/18/2014 Florida sheriff: Grandfather shoots, kills 6 grandchildren, his daughter and himself Florida sheriff: Grandfather shoots, kills 6 grandchildren, his daughter and himself read full article...
9/18/2014 Feds release $71.5M withheld during migrant crisis Federal govt. releases $71.5M in refugee service funds withheld in June during migrant crisis read full article...
9/18/2014 Trial over plane crash into New York home begins Trial begins on damages for woman, daughter who survived plane crash into their New York home read full article...
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