Meet the people behind the microphone! Find out more about the KSRO News Team.
Laura Ingraham Show, Laura Ingraham
Mike DeWald, The Drive Producer
Tony Landucci, Morning News Coanchor, Weather
Dennis Miller, The Dennis Miller Show
Melanie Morgan, News Director, Anchor
Officer Vic, Morning Traffic Reporter
Michelle Marques, News Reporter, Promotions, Morning Show Producer, Webmaster, Host of Sonoma County Focus
Steve Jaxon, host of The Drive
George Noory, Coast to Coast
Steve Reuter, Financial Expert
The studio line is (707) 636-1350.
If you have a news story idea, please contact Tony Landucci.
If you are interested in a promotion with KSRO, please contact Michelle Marques.
If you would like to advertise with KSRO, please contact Kevin Wodlinger.

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