Patrick Dorinson
Patrick DorinsonPatrick Dorinson is a regular contributor to the KSRO Morning News with David Wesley Page and Curtiss Kim.
Patrick Dorinson is a political strategist and commentator who has worked both sides of the aisle, Republican and Democrat in both politics and government. Over the last 20 years, Dorinson has been at the center as an active participant in some of the key issues facing California and the nation, including the Energy Crisis of 200-01 and California’s historic recall election of 2003.

He is a resident blogger on the website of California business and politics, Fox and Hounds Daily and also blogs for FOX News nationally. He is a regular contributor and has acted as guest host for The Drive on KSRO radio in Santa Rosa and is the resident political analyst for KFBK radio in Sacramento. Dorinson has had columns published in the San Francisco Chronicle and has been a guest columnist for Sacramento’s political journal, the Capitol Weekly.

If he had his druthers he would make his living from the back of the horse.

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