Ask the Medical Expert hosted by Dollar Drug, Tuesdays 12:30pm - 1pm

Listen every Tuesday from 12:30pm to 1pm for Ask the Medical Expert with experts from Hill Park Medical Center, hosted by Dollar Drug.

Each week we will explore various topics from pediatrics, detoxification, mental health, sleep issues, and allergies. Call in with your questions at (707) 636-1350!

HILL PARK MEDICAL CENTER has been providing a unique blend of medical care which combines the best of western medicine with proven and effective alternatives. This is called integrative medicine. By paying careful attention to the body, mind, spirit, and environment, we strive to provide each person with medical care that looks beyond "band-aid medicine" to the roots of health and healing. Hill Park Medical Center has two locations: 616 Petaluma Boulevard North, Suite C in Petaluma, and 435 Petaluma Avenue, Suite 150 in Sebastopol.

DOLLAR DRUG is a locally owned and operated compounding pharmacy that has been serving Sonoma county residents since 1984. Our compounding services include bio-identical hormone replacement therapies, gluten, dye, and preservative free prescriptions, pet-friendly medications, specialty skin care products, and even creative pain management solutions.  At Dollar Drug we strive for excellence which is why we provide a wide range of services that go beyond just filling your prescriptions. We give patient centered consultations and work with your doctor to ensure you feel well taken care of.  Come visit us some time at 1055 West College Avenue in the G&G Shopping Center in Santa Rosa.

Here are some of the featured guests and topics you will hear on Ask the Medical Expert:

Date Expert Topic
April 15th Amy Smith, N.P. "Strep Throat" Hidden Cause of Mental Illness & OCD in Children
April 22nd   Chris Holder, N.D. Detoxification for Breast Cancer Prevention
April 29th Amy Smith, N.P. Sudden Changes In Your Child's Behavior... Could It Be PANDAS
May 6th Rachael Bouch, D.  Infant Health & Happiness Through Hands On Care
May 13th Denise Cooluris, N.D. Allergies
May 20th Denise Cooluris, N.D. Women's Health
May 27th Denise Cooluris, N.D. Hormones/bHRT
June 3rd Amy Smith, N.P. PANDAS and Effective Treatments
June 10th Denise Cooluris, N.D. Listen to Your Gut (Digestive Health Issues)
June 17th Chris Holder, N.D. Natural Approaches to Anxiety and Depression
June 24th Denise Cooluris, N.D. Why Am I So Tired? Stress and Anxiety/Adrenal Health
July 1st Brian Bouch, M.D. Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia
July 8th Denise Cooluris, N.D. Green Living in a Toxic World: Endocrine Disruptors
July 15th Rachael Bouch, D.  Managing Chronic Pain and Injury with Manual Therapy and FSM
July 22nd Denise Cooluris, N.D. Inflammation - is it affecting you?
July 29th Sunjya Schweig, M.D. Integrative Medical Approach To Lyme Disease and Tick Borne Infection
Aug 5th Brian Bouch, M.D. Integrative Cancer Treatment
Aug 12th Denise Cooluris, N.D. Peri-menopause/menopause
Aug 19th Denise Cooluris, N.D. Depression / Anxiety
Aug 26th Denise Cooluris, N.D. Sleep Issues
Sept 2nd Brian Bouch, M.D. Integrative Cancer Treatment
Sept 9th Lois Johnson, M.D.

Lung Health: Integrative Treatments for Common Conditions 

Sept 16th Brian Bouch Integrative Medicine Approach to Parkinson's Disease
Sept 23rd Justin Cauntay, D.O. Prolo Therapy
Sept 30th Sunjya Schweig, M.D. Gastrointestinal Health & Lyme Disease
Oct 7th Hill Park Practitioner Panel Hill Park Integrative Medical Center's Approach to Healthcare
Oct 14th Chris Holder, N.D. TBA
Oct 21st TBA TBA
Oct 28th TBA TBA
Nov 4th Denise Cooluris, N.D. Breast Cancer: Preventative & Integrative Care

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