Strip Steak alla Fiorentina
Recipe Courtesy of Chef Catherine Venturini, Olive & Vine


Strip Steak alla Fiorentina
With Ragout of Roasted Artichokes, Wild Mushrooms
Leeks & Fingerling Potatoes
Cabernet Pan Jus
6 servings

Herb Rub for Steak:
4 T. freshly chopped Italian parsley
2T. freshly chopped thyme, & oregano
1 t. chopped fresh garlic
3 T. good quality extra virgin olive oil
Good pinch grey salt & freshly ground pepper
Mix ingredients in a small bowl & set aside

Beef preparation:
Liberally rub 2 lb strip steak with herb mixture, salt & pepper
Let steak sit out of the refrigerator for one hour, room temperature
Reduce 1/2 cup rich beef stock, 1/2 cup cabernet by half

Ragout :
1 pound fingerling or baby yukon potatoes, cut in half
4 baby artichokes, turned and blanched
( substitute good quality frozen artichoke hearts)
¾ pound maiitake, hedgehog, or other wild mushrooms, torn or sliced thickly
( substitute shiitake, or crimini mushrooms)
1 medium leek, halved lengthwise & well cleaned, chopped in 1/2 “
1 t. freshly chopped thyme
1 T. extra virgin olive oil ( plus extra for roasting vegetables)
Toss potatoes in a bit of olive oil, salt & pepper, roast at 425 for 10 minutes
or until just tender
Roast Artichokes and mushrooms the same way, separately until tender
Over medium heat, sauté the leeks until they start to get lightly browned, add potatoes, mushrooms & artichokes, thyme & 1T. butter
Saute lightly and set aside for steak presentation

Grilling the Steak:
Grill over high heat to get a crispy exterior, about 3 minutes on either side
Depending how you like it done.
Let steak rest for 5-7 minutes
Slice steak in ¾” slices, preserving juices. Serve over vegetable ragout
With cabernet jus ( and crisp shallots if you wish)

Clover Stornetta

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