Jaded Toad BBQ Beef Ribs
Recipe Courtesy of Chef Leo Tocchini


Raw beef ribs 12 rib recipe
1 cup of Coke a Cola
1/2 cup of Water
1/2 cup of Garlic Powder
2 Tea Spoons of Kosher salt
2 Table Spoon of coarse ground pepper (add more or use less depending on how much you like pepper.)
Alternative is good with Cracked flaked red pepper.
1 bay leaf
8 - 10 oz of Olive Oil. either regular or extra Virgin. ( Depending on how you like the oil) If possible put olive oil in squirt bottle. A 12 ounce bottle. This allows for even distribution of the oil.
Thick aluminum foil. If you use standard House hold foil then double up.

Take a 6" full hotel pan and poor Coke and Water into the pan. Should cover about 1/2 inch of bottom of pan . Some bones have a larger knuckle and usually a 6 full hotel will cover the bones.
Mostly a 4 will suffice but ya never know.

Pre heat oven to 425 degrees F
please mix Powder Salt and pepper together.
take ribs and skin the back side. First by removing the Plural and then all fat from back side till the back of bone is completely skinned. Then cut each bone from one another so that the entire slab is separated. Each slab should contain 6 bones. Sometimes you may find 7.

Now that all the bones are separated you can begin placing them opposite ends from one another on there sides. ( placing ribs on side and back to back of bones so they look like they are spooning. Nice and tight.
starting at the far side of the pan. You will line them up 1 bone at a time. so that the bones are laying on their sides. Knuckle to one side then the tail of the bone is opposite. Then alternate each bone. you should get 10 to 12 bones per pan and then take the squeeze bottle of olive oil and squeeze a generous beed of oil over each individual bone. Not saturated just even over the top of each bone.

Now take the powder mix and make sure you put a generous amount on each bone from tail to knuckle.

Once you have spread out the powder mix put the bay leaf in the middle of the pan somewhere close to the outside of the ribs. Do not stick leaf in between the ribs. It will bake into the rib and not release its flavors accurately.

Now cover your pan with the aluminum and then seal the edges by rubbing your thumb and pointing finger all the way around the edge of the pan making sure the pan is sealed.

Now your ribs are ready to cook.
Place your pan in the middle rack of the oven to get proper heat distribution and allow to cook for 105 minutes. then pull pan and gently peal foil back to see if you have got a minimum of 1/2 inch shrinkage from the tail. Once you have a 1/2 inch to 3/4th of an inch of shrinkage your ribs are done.

Take ribs out pull foil and let stand for 30 min. allowing ribs to cool. Once ribs have cooled remove them and place on a drip pan with a separator drip tray between the ribs and the bottom of the pan. Allowing all the excess drainage of grease from the bones to fall.

Now place the ribs in a lexon or small storage container that will fit in your walk in or refrigerator and let sit for a minimum of 4 hours.

Your ribs are ready to BBQ on your grill or BBQ grill at home.
cooking on grill or BBQ
Place Ribs on grill always bottom side down(curve facing down. Bottom side is the side you removed the plural fat and excess skin from. The ribs should be ready to eat prior to cooking so this is a sauce and and heat to temp timing. Not to re cook but to bring it to temp. Over cooking will lead to dry and brittle meat.

So you have placed the ribs on the grill, sauce the top side immediately with my house, Cajun or Spicy sauce,or use the sauce of your choice. ( keep in mind the more you turn your food on the grill the longer it takes to cook.) Try not to turn the bones more then 4 times. Let cook till the bone marrow on the knuckle is bubbling. That insures 145 degrees F in the center of the bone. Now turn the bones to the top side down and Sauce heavily. Remember you have reached the internal temp in the middle of the bone. So now you are just scoring your meat.
Your tenderness is with the shrinkage. The rib meat should be ready to fall off the bone by now and just to make sure you have even heat distribution cook the ribs for a couple of minutes on each side.

Now place ribs on desired plate and put a portion of sauce on the plate.



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