Reusable Organic Cotton Bulk Food Bags


Buying in bulk at the grocery store just got easier!

Tired of buying too much, or not enough? How about using too many plastic bags? With a secure closure and a clear window, these versatile tea-dyed 100% cotton bags are ideally suited for any and all bulk shopping!

Made to fit a quart or gallon size jar, fill the bags to the top and ensure that you buy exactly the amount that will fit into your jar at home! Or even, put the bag directly on the shelf, and use the product directly from the bag.

The clear window makes it easy to identify the product inside; and enables you to write and remove the bin number with a grease pen or a dry erase marker for continued use. Its securely sewn into the cotton to avoid seam and bag failure. And do not fret, the plastic window is made up of three non-toxic plastics: polyethylene terephthalate, ethylene vinyl acetate, and low density polyethylene.

The bags can be machine washed on a regular cycle and line dried.

This item is sold in a set of two (one quart and one gallon size) and also includes 1 black grease pencil for writing bin numbers.

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