Think about the teachers you were forced to deal with from K-12. Is $85K (including benefits) a fair exchange? Some were great, some were terrible, most might be hard to remember. But, now you're a tax payer. (Xtra credit:Is this written correctly?)

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  1. SusanB posted on 07/30/2014 08:47 AM
    Teachers ought to start at a higher wage and level out as they gain in seniority and meet set expectations. My kids have had some great teachers and have had a couple of real stinkers too, and those unfortunately left a wake of disaster. Teachers ask parents for help in the classrooms and to purchase paper, pencils and other supplies. Many teachers who won't even bother with using the home access center that we the taxpaying public bought for them. Union protection is the claim. I could be wrong, but the last tax increase that was passed, prop 30 (?) was supposed to be used for infrastructure but is actually being used to prop up teachers salaries and pensions. And now we are being asked to vote for tax a increase which will surely be used for infrastructure, this one would be transparent.
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