Ecolution has a number of products, however Ecolution has come out with a new line of pots and pans labeled Ecolution Artestry which features cookware which is completely PFOA- Free Hydolon Non Stick and Dishwasher Safe.

PFOA-Free Hydrolon Non-Stick

Cookware by Ecolution with Hydrolon Non-Stick employs a new WATER BASED application system, marketed exclusively by Ecolution. The HYDROLON brand will only be placed on non-stick coatings that do not contain any PFOA, unlike traditional Teflon type non-sticks which use PFOA. Hydrolon PFOA-Free non-stick is super easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.

Hydrolon is a multi- layer non-stick, similar in that way to traditional Teflon type non-stick. All coats use water in place of PFOA (old fashioned harsh solvent) to apply the non-stick. When the non-stick is applied to the metal, the application solvent that evaporates is simply water, greatly reducing emissions. This non-toxic coating is a safer solution for healthy and eco-friendly cooking.

The coating has been thoroughly tested, and performs as well as old-PFOA Teflon type formulations. The spray application is done by machine for perfect application. Tests have been performed to make sure that the non-stick release and abrasion resistance is at a high standard.

These non-sticks have been tested for and passed the following series of tests including: Abrasion Test, Contact Angle, Release, Value Boil Test, Thickness Evaluation

The Technical Language: PFOA stands for pertluorooctanoic acid. It is a surfactant and until recently, was an essential polymerization aid used to make certain fluoropolymer dispersions.

In other words... PFOA is a solvent that was required in order to manufacture heat and chemical resistant materials as applied to cookware. The PFOA is burned off during the firing in process. Unlike Teflon based non-stick, Hydrolon uses a water based application system so it evaporates during the heating stage of adhesion of the non-stick. PFOA takes a VERY LONG time in the environment to breakdown.

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