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Governor Brown Signs Vaccination Bill
After being passed in the Legislature, Governor Jerry Brown signed the Mandatory School Vaccination bill into law. Schoolchidlren in the state of California now cannot enroll into Public School unless they have been vaccinated against diseases such as Measles and Whooping Cough. There remains an exemption for children who have a medical reason to remain unvaccinated but removes the Personal Belief Exemption. The bill comes after a Measles outbreak in Disneyland this past winter which infected more than 150 people.
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Casa Grande Coach Loses Battle with Cancer
Casa Grande High School coach and teacher James Forni was a fighter, up until the very end. Forni lost his battle with melanoma Sunday morning. He was 35 years old. Forni tuaght varsity basketball and physical eduction in the dozen years he worked at Casa Grande.
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Catholic Church Stands Firm on Marriage
"Marriage is between one man and one woman"…that is the Catholic Church's position, and it will remain so, according to the Biship of the Diocese of Santa Rosa.Bishop Robert Vasa of the Santa Rosa Diocese compared Friday's Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage in all 50 states to Roe Versus Wade …while five Justices may have changed the law on abortion and gay marriage, it has not changed the moral definition. Vasa, in a press release, says quote "the High Court erred in moral judgement." He says the Court was wrong in 1973 with Roe. And it is wrong again in 2015 with Obergefell v. Holges because it does not settle the marriage question.
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Berkeley Man Doubles His Luck
A Berkely man became especially lucky this week. Robert Dos Santos played the California Lottery and won twice. Dos Santos bought the lucky $5 million dollar ticket on Friday, only a few months after winning one thousand dollars playing the same game. 
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San Jose Woman Arrested After Hit and Run
A San Jose woman is facing felony charges for a hit and run on April 12th, where she left a bicyclist seriously injured. Police say that after Marlene Melchor Cortes struck Robert Herrera, she drove through a fence, collided with several parked cars, and crashed into the Golfland mini golf course center. Cortes was identified and arrested this morning.
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Golden Gate Park Left a Mess
Over 10,00 partiers who were celebrating the 420 festivities left Hippie Hill in Golden Gate Park a wreck yesterday. A section of the park became a disposal site, filled with piles of paraphernalia and food wrappers. While the cost of this year's clean-up efforts has not been determined yet, the celebration cost the city a $100,000 bill last year.
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Does the State Have Your Unclaimed Property?
You might have cash or other property just sitting around waiting for you to claim it. The state Controller’s Office is overflowing with everything from cash to gold bars and jewelery that is unclaimed by its lawful owners. You can check to see if any of it is yours by going to the "unclaimed property search" page on the State Controller's website. LINK:  UNCLAIMED PROPERTY SEARCH   https://ucpi.sco.ca.gov/UCP/   The Press Democrat reports that the state has over 7-billion dollars in cash, securities and other valuables.
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