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Santa Rosa City Arts District
I talked to Tara Matheny Schuster about an event at the Church of One Tree celebrating Santa Rosa City Arts. Click here to listen to the conversation. Find out more about the Church of One Tree here. You can also find out more about Santa Rosa City Arts District at their website.
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Halloween and Vine
Halloween and Vine is a juried art show featuring amazing Halloween art pieces. I talked with Christy Silacci about the 15th annual Halloween and Vine show at Herman Son's Hall in Petaluma. This is an event you should definitely put on your calendar year after year. Click here to listen to this conversation. (Opening music is from one of my favorite movies, "This Is Halloween" from the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas.)
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Murphy Goode Winery
I talked with winemaker Dave Ready from Murphy Goode Winery about their 2nd Annual Liar's Dice Tournament. Click here to listen to the podcast of the conversation. (The bumper music at the beginning of the interview is a fun song called "Quiet Whiskey" by Wynonnie Harris.)
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