Hi! I'm Michelle Marques, afternoon news anchor, promotions director, and web master for The News and Talk of Sonoma County 1350 KSRO. On Mondays from 5:30pm to 6pm I host Mondays with Michelle, a half hour program dedicated to interesting things in Sonoma County. If you have an event or non-profit you think should be on my show, please send me an email with the details to michellemarques@maverick-media.ws. On this page you can link to past shows on podcast, and find contact information for recent guests. Thanks for listening!
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Do you have a guest or topic for Mondays With Michelle? Please contact me at michellemarques@maverick-media.ws.
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Santa Rosa City Arts District

I talked to Tara Matheny Schuster about an event at the Church of One Tree celebrating Santa Rosa City Arts. ...

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Halloween and Vine

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