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Million $$$ Fed Grant for Sonoma County Airport

As work continues on Sonoma County Airport's runway expansion project, state Representative Mike Thompson says the airport is receiving a one-million-dollar federal grant for environmental work. That money will contribute to the project's environmental mitigation costs of nearly $21M, mostly funded by the county, to deal with endangered plant and ...

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8/1/2014 Argument over fire pit leads to stabbing by sword Argument over fire pit leads one neighbor to stab another with a novelty sword, police say read full article...
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8/1/2014 Teen hit by car had been startled by woodchuck Police: Teen was hit by car after woodchuck startled him along central New York road read full article...
8/1/2014 Expert: 'Mini tornado' caused skydiver death Expert: 'Mini tornado' caused accident that killed New York skydiver and injured instructor read full article...
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