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World's Largest Stem Cell Bank in Marin

The world's largest public stem cell bank is now open for business in Marin County. It's housed at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging in Novato. It's stocked with 300 stem cell lines that can be used to develop tissue for people with heart, skin, liver, or kidney problems.The ...

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Lake County Homes Burnt Largely Uninsured for Fires
Graton Casino Breaks Ground on Hotel
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9/3/2015 Trio charged with running $54M green-energy Ponzi scheme 3 charged in $54 million green-energy Ponzi scheme based on trash-to-fuel promise read full article...
9/3/2015 Testimony: Man accused of killing officer had made threats Sergeant: Family told officials that man accused of killing cop was armed, threatened to kill read full article...
9/3/2015 The Latest: Attorney says clerk holds keys to her jail cell The Latest: Attorney for couples says defiant Kentucky clerk holds the keys to her jail cell read full article...
9/3/2015 Some North Carolina officials refuse to perform marriages Some North Carolina officials stop performing marriages after law addressing gay unions read full article...
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Measles Parties Dangerous, According to Dept of Public Health
Posted 2/10/2015 9:44:00 AM

Doctors are warning parents not to have "measles parties" to expose children to the disease. The California Department of Public Health is urging parents not to revive the practice aimed at building immunity in children. Doctors say such events are not a substitution for vaccination and can be very dangerous. Such parties could also spread the disease even further. The highly contagious respiratory disease has spread to multiple states after breaking out at Disneyland in December, infecting more than 100 people so far.

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