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Police Capture Suspect Near Jockey Club

In a developing story in the KSRO Newsroom, police pursued a suspect travelling at 60 miles per hour on Santa Rosa side streets in the Bennett Valley Area until the person tried to escape on foot in the backyards of the 1700 block of Cork Tree Lane. The suspect allegedly ...

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Home Fire Near Healdsburg
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3/3/2015 Body-camera maker has financial ties to police chiefs Body-camera maker has financial ties to police chiefs; questions of influence are raised read full article...
3/3/2015 3 officers in LA Skid Row death had training on mentally ill LA police chief: Officers who fired in Skid Row death had training to deal with mentally ill read full article...
3/3/2015 Mom responds after Cleveland filing blames boy for his death Mom of boy shot by police will respond to Cleveland's apology for blaming boy for his death read full article...
3/3/2015 Police issuing tickets for pizza, french fries New Hampshire police issue tickets for pizza, french fries to those following the law read full article...
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Measles Parties Dangerous, According to Dept of Public Health
Posted 2/10/2015 9:44:00 AM

Doctors are warning parents not to have "measles parties" to expose children to the disease. The California Department of Public Health is urging parents not to revive the practice aimed at building immunity in children. Doctors say such events are not a substitution for vaccination and can be very dangerous. Such parties could also spread the disease even further. The highly contagious respiratory disease has spread to multiple states after breaking out at Disneyland in December, infecting more than 100 people so far.

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