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Berkeley Man Doubles His Luck

A Berkely man became especially lucky this week. Robert Dos Santos played the California Lottery and won twice. Dos Santos bought the lucky $5 million dollar ticket on Friday, only a few months after winning one thousand dollars playing the same game. 

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San Jose Woman Arrested After Hit and Run
Golden Gate Park Left a Mess
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5/29/2015 5 pilots report encounters with lasers over NY, New Jersey 5 pilots say green laser beams were pointed at their planes over New York, New Jersey read full article...
5/29/2015 Zimmerman shooter will try a Stand Your Ground defense Attorney says Zimmerman shooter will try a Stand Your Ground defense read full article...
5/29/2015 Prosecutors mulling appeal in FBI ruse case in Las Vegas Prosecutors mulling appeal of US judge's ruling tossing out evidence in FBI ruse case in Vegas read full article...
5/29/2015 Washington removes Cuba from US list of terrorism sponsors Washington removes Cuba from US list of state sponsors of terrorism in further reconciliation read full article...
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Measles Parties Dangerous, According to Dept of Public Health
Posted 2/10/2015 9:44:00 AM

Doctors are warning parents not to have "measles parties" to expose children to the disease. The California Department of Public Health is urging parents not to revive the practice aimed at building immunity in children. Doctors say such events are not a substitution for vaccination and can be very dangerous. Such parties could also spread the disease even further. The highly contagious respiratory disease has spread to multiple states after breaking out at Disneyland in December, infecting more than 100 people so far.

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