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Unemployment Rate Dips in Sonoma County

The California Employment Development Department reported new lower unemployment numbers for Sonoma County on Friday. The unemployment rate for the county was 4.7% in December, down from 5.1% in November. There are currently about 12-thousand people without jobs in Sonoma County. The rate is much lower than the state unemployment ...

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1/25/2015 New Fisher-Price photo studio seeks ad, packaging diversity Fisher-Price opens photo studio in Buffalo to invite more diversity for packaging, advertising read full article...
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1/25/2015 Santa Ana winds knock out power to thousands in California Santa Ana winds down trees, knock out power in California; crews work to restore electricity read full article...
1/25/2015 'Death-qualified' juror search slows marathon, theater cases Searching for 'death-qualified' jurors slows marathon bombing, movie theater shooting trials read full article...
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