Chef John Ash has been co-hosting "The Good Food Hour" with Steve Garner on KSRO since 1987. John is an internationally recognized culinary figure. Visit Chef John Ash's personal website.

Every Saturday from 11am to Noon, Steve and John delve into the makings of delightful delicacies, daring dishes and decadence! From classics to the creme de la creme, The Good Food Hour takes a bite out of the mysteries of cooking and offers easy tips that everyone can understand.


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Pimento Cheeseburgers

With the return of football, fall is tail gating time. With a portable grill there are all kinds of possibilites. Here is one of my favorites based upon the “Pate of the South”, Pimento Cheese. We think of pimento cheese as classically Southern but actually it probably has its roots ...

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Grilled Cheese
Sonoma Chicken Pot Pie
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