Joanie Greggains is on KSRO Saturday mornings from 6am to 8am. The show is sponsored by Natren.

Joanie Greggains was the host of The Joanie Greggains Show on KGO Radio for 25 years. Joanie is also known for her long-running TV exercise show, Morning Stretch.

Joanie's 25+ years of representing health and fitness in the media have made her one of the most trusted and respected sources of information today. Joanie is always up-to-date with the latest trends and information and brings you legitimate information about maintaining good health.

A former secondary school, physical education teacher, Joanie believes in the value of education. Her goal is to teach you how to make well-informed choices so that you can take charge of your own health. Joanie believes that "Fitness isn't a job or an obligation; it's the natural result of making good, positive lifestyle choices every day."

Joanie has produced, choreographed, and starred in 15 exercise videos (2 gold record awards, 9 gold videocassette awards, and 6 platinum videocassette awards).

Joanie's byword is SAFETY. No one gets hurt exercising with Joanie, and they have fun doing it.

Listen to the current podcast show by clicking here

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