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Is Santa Rosa Prepared for a big quake?

Mayor Scott Bartley tells KSRO about emergency preparedness procedures in Santa Rosa.

Posted 8/27/2014 8:00:00 AM


Closure of Drakes Bay Oyster Co. Delayed

With a July 31 closure looming for Drakes Bay Oyster Co., the North Bay oyster farm got yet another stay of execution.
Last week,, the National Park Service said that it can continue operation, in response to the lawsuit filed by a group of local restaurants a week earlier. We are joined by Kevin Lunney, owner of Drakes Bay Oysters.

Interviewed by Melanie Morgan and Tony Landucci.

Posted 7/30/2014 7:22:00 AM


Congressman Mike Thompson Discusses What is Being Done for Andrew Tahmooressi

Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi #MarineHeldinMexico has been waiting for justice in a Mexican jail for over 100 days now. He was an active duty Marine from San Diego, who served in Afghanistan, who accidentally made a wrong turn into the toll gates at the Mexican border. He told the authorities he had his pesonal weapons in the back, and that's when the nightmare began. His plight has been largely ignored by the media, and by public officials. Congressman Mike Thompson joins us this morning to discuss what is being done for the marine.

Interviewed by Tony Landucci.

Posted 7/25/2014 8:46:00 AM


Darryl "DMC" McDaniels Kicks Cancers' Butt

We are joined by Darryl "DMC" McDaniels of Run-DMC, to discuss the Lucky Strike, the nationally-acclaimed bowling and entertainment brand, and Conquer Cancer Coalition..everybody's pulling together to raise funds for conquering all forms of cancer. DMC also raps for us.

Interviewed by Melanie Morgan and Brent Alan.

Posted 7/15/2014 8:04:00 AM


Unions Hit But Not Fatally

Public Sector unions have taken a hit, but not a fatal one with yesterday's Supreme Court decision signaling a distaste for state laws requiring public sector workers to pay union dues. But the High Court stopped short of sweeping them away. Joining us this morning on the Big Story is Dr. Norman Soloman , a business and legal expert who has studied this case.

Interviewed by Melanie Morgan and Tony Landucci.

Posted 7/1/2014 10:09:00 AM

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