The Pet Show with Warren Sunday afternoons from noon - 2pm

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Each Sunday afternoon from 12noon-2pm on NEWSTALK 1350 KSRO, Warren answers your pet-related questions. You'll hear expert advice on pet behavior, training techniques, how to care for your pet while you're away, an much more.

Warren's practical advice is most often inexpensive to apply and always relevant. As the author of six pet books, and the pet advisor to stars like David Letterman, Al Pacino and Lily Tomlin, Warren is recognized as one of the foremost pet care authorities in the world. He truly is a pet AND owner's best friend!

If you are looking for answers to specific pet problems please ask your question on:
The Pet Show Q & A Message Board

Warren will be answering a selection of questions in the chat room from time to time, and Pet Show listeners give their suggestions too.

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