What you CAN recycle


Paper Products
• Corrugated Cardboard
• Newspaper (including all inserts)
• Magazines, junk mail, envelopes and catalogs
• Office & computer paper, household stationery
• Telephone books and manuals
• Cereal, shoe, cracker & tissue boxes (remove liners)
• No plastic coated paper
• No food contaminated paper
• No hardcover books (paperbacks are OK)

Milk Cartons, Juice and Soy/Rice Milk Boxes
• Empty milk cartons, juice boxes and other aseptic containers
• No liquids or food waste

Glass Bottles and Jars
• Food and beverage glass containers only
• No ceramic, light bulbs, window glass or mirrors

Metal Cans
• All aluminum and steel (i.e. "tin"), food and beverage cans
• Other cans such as paint and aerosol cans are recyclable only if they are completely empty and dry

Plastic Containers
• Household plastic containers only
• No styrofoam or plastic bags
• No plastic pipe, buckets, sheeting, tarps, pads, furniture, pools, baby bathtubs, toys, hangers, etc.

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