Sonoma County's Waste Management Agency Guide


The Sonoma County Waste Management Agency’s  annual Recycling Guide is a 32-page comprehensive resource answering questions about recycling, hazardous waste and other disposal issues for Sonoma County. Visit the online version of the Recycling Guide on the Agency’s web site.

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Learn about

Toxics Disposal—where to properly dispose of items such as batteries, fluorescent lamps, garden chemicals and automotive fluids

Curbside Recycling—what you can put in each cart

Motor Oil/filter  Recycling—find a drop-off recycling location for motor oil/filters

Drop-Off Recycling—get money for your bottles and cans at a California Redemption Value (CRV) drop-off center

Use the search function “What would you like to Recycle?” to find reuse and recycling options for building materials, printer cartridges, Styrofoam peanuts and much more!
About the Agency: The Sonoma County Waste Management Agency, formed in 1992, is the joint powers authority of the nine cities and the County of Sonoma. The specific focus of the agency's efforts is the implementation of the waste diversion programs as required by AB939 in the following categories: Wood Waste, Yard Debris, Household Hazardous Waste, Education and Planning.

If there are any other questions you can Call the Eco-Desk Hotline Hotline  at 707-565-DESK (3375) or visit online

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