It's fitting that radio stations use towers-  a sturdy structure fixed on a high point, spreading light over a surrounding area.  But you can't sit on a high point for long without the support of the people on the ground.  Dramatic?  Maybe a touch ;-)

What we're trying to say is...our stations wouldn't function without our community!  Which is why we offer Sonoma County Focus.  A free, public service of Sonoma Media Group, LLC (that's our company's full name).  Featuring in-depth interviews with the people who make Sonoma County great.  Like you ;-)  If you'd like to be a guest on the show, CLICK HERE

When Does the Show Air?

Sonoma County Focus airs on Sunday mornings on the 5 stations of Sonoma Media Group at these times:

 530am                    5am

  6am                         6am



About the Host, Tony Landucci:

Description coming soon!


Sonoma County Focus

In-depth interviews with the people who make Sonoma County great! Tune in Sunday mornings at 6am to for the live broadcast or catch past topics here!


Sonoma County Restaurant Week

Sonoma County Restaurant Week

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Sonoma Land Trust

Sonoma Land Trust

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