The Occasional Show with Paul Mecurio


The Occasional Show with Paul Mecurio debuts on The Drive!

Tune in weekly as Emmy Award winning comedian from The Daily Show and Stand Up Comic Paul Mecurio joins every week on The Drive.  He'll call in, well, occasionally to talk about what's going on in his life, in the world, and whatever else comes up along the way.  You can follow Paul a number of ways:

Here's Paul on the Set from the latest Toyota ad campaign!
View the full campaign video here.
Paul is also a frequent guest on Fox News "Red Eye"
Paul will be back at the San Francisco Punch Line January 15th-18th!  Grab your tickets now at
Here are the latest editions of "The Occasional Show with Paul Mecurio"

January 14th

Paul calls in to talk about his appearance on the "Bethenney" show, the differences between mend & women, the Chris Christie scandal and his upcoming shows at the Punch Line!

March 16th

Paul joins us from Los Angeles to talk about shooting his new pilot, his upcoming trip to San Francisco, Producer Mike's phone skills, and Steve fills in Paul about his next tour.

December 1st
Paul calls into the show to talk about the 2012 GOP race, Herman Cain's affairs, Miley Cyrus' Occupy Wall Street song, and a fire alarm interuppting Brian Williams.

September 1st
August 11th
July 21st

May 2nd
April 22nd
March 31

January 28th
Paul checks in after being stuck at the airport for seven hours after the snow storms, he talks about his newly-adopted dog, and Jimmy Buffet's fall off the stage at a recent concert.

Janury 18th
Paul returns to The Drive for the firt Occaisonal Show of the New Year.  He calls-in to chat about putting his cat down, the Miss America pageant, and the NFL Playoffs, among many other things...!
November 11th
Paul joins us to give his post-election observations, his thoughts on the release of George W's new book, his experience shopping at Home Depot, and a recap of the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear
October 28th

Paul calls in live from the staging area for the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear and fills us in on all of the last minute preperations going on!
August 19th
Paul checks in to talk about the Ground Zero Mosque, Terror Babies, his adventures in the NYC subway system...and Snoki.

August 6th
The debut segment!  We recap Paul's incredible show at the Punch Line, plus Paul gives us his take on the Arizona immigration law, his son's little league team, and Jon Stewart's facial hair.

Check out some of Paul's work on his HBO Sports Comedy series "Got No Game with Paul Mecurio" here:

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