Ethanol Cars & Vehicles


Ethanol is a renewable fuel that comes from agricultural feedstock's, and thus can be produced domestically. Using ethanol—particularly E85, an 85-percent blend of ethanol—also results in less pollution, reducing smog-forming emissions by as much as 50 percent relative to gasoline. E85-powered vehicles contribute to global warming, although experts disagree about just how much greenhouse gas is emitted by using ethanol.

Things to consider about E85 Cars:
*Higher Price
*Ethanol can be more expensive than gasoline, depending on where you live.
*Less Energy
*Regardless of the price you pay for ethanol, it contains less energy than gasoline. This means that your car won’t go as far on a gallon of E85, and your fuel economy will decrease by 20-30 percent.
*Lack of Availability
*E85 is widely available only in the Midwest. The Department of Energy lists nearly 2,000 1,000 E85 stations in the United States, but most of those are in two states: Minnesota and Illinois. Other areas, even populous ones, have little E85 infrastructure.

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