Bubble Machine


Move over Lawrence Whelk, here comes Gloria Ferrer.  I’m Tom Simoneau with today’s wine minute here to say for those of us old enough to remember Lawrence Whelk, who could forget his bubble machine? But, his bubble machine is nothing compared to the bubble machine known as Gloria Ferrer Champagne Caves.  How many bubbles do you think are in a bottle of Champagne?… Give up?  44 million bubbles! It all has to do with grams per liter in the dosage and atmospheres of pressure.  If you don’t believe me pick up a bottle of Gloria Ferrer 2000 Carneros Cuvee. And I did say 2000. This wine has been 10 years on the yeast and is a stunner! All apples, pears, and yeast in the  nose, in the mouth crisp, lively, and clean, complex with cream and vanilla in the finish, a perfect 5 wine stains, wow! $50. Gloria Ferrer – my favorite bubble machine in Sonoma’s Carneros AVA.


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