Screwcap Convert


Okay, okay, I’ll admit it.  At first I was intimidated.  I’m Tom Simoneau with today’s wine minute here to say for years I’ve been saying a screw cap is a better closure for wine than cork.  So when I heard a group in New Zealand was bottling all their Sauvignon Blanc in screw top bottles, I marched to the store and brought one home.  That bottle sat in the fridge for a week.  Every time I looked at the bottle I saw a big black top that looked like foil. I wasn’t quite sure how to open it. Where do I twist? One hand or two? Finally, I took a deep breath, and… I just opened it, one easy twist.  Now, I’m a pro! After just one try,

I’m ready, bring ‘em on, red, white, foreign, or domestic! I can hold my head high; I am no longer intimidated.  Trust me.  Just one twist and I guarantee you’ll be a convert.  Then, all we’ll have to do is wait until the rest of the wine business sees the light.

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