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  • ramon



    Hi, I stopped listening to the morning show after Melanie Morgan pissed me off too many times with her Alt-Right political commentary.

    Today, I read an exciting email you have a new morning person. And your show line-up appears different.

    Is it safe to tune back in to KSRO, or will I hear Melanie’s voice and opinion sometime during the day?

    Thank you.


    Brian Wilson

  • Franco Dunn

    I could not believe the nonsense I just heard on the Laura Ingram show. There was some fellow bemoaning the fact that the Ringling Bros. Circus shut down. He essentially blamed the closing on activists and “oolitical correctness”. This assine fellow probably wishes that we could go back to slavery so he would not have to mow his own lawn. This right wing nut has it wrong. It was not oolitical correctness. It was compassion and empathy that freed the elephants. Animals should not suffer so this clown can show his children a good time.

    As for Ingrahm dry snark is neither humourous or intelligent.

  • Jay
  • dheizer123

    WOW! I thought Liberals were suppose to be kind and loving. I don’t think I have heard a more One sided bias load of S#%t in a long time first and last time listener.

  • antenna2

    I have been a long time listener to the drive with Steve Jaxon. I don’t listen anymore except for Guns and Money. The rest of the shows are all about wine and beer. You push alcohol to the limit and it is extremely boring.No more wine talk it’s ridiculous.