Dental Discussions With Dr. Sean Wilson

What Sets Sean Wilson DDS Apart From Other Dental Practices

There are many dental practices but what really sets Dr. Sean Wilson apart from others? Listen to find out!

Patients On Sean Wilson and How They Found Him

Ever wonder how some of Dr. Sean Wilson’s patients found him? Listen to find out how!

Patients of Dr. Sean Wilson Discuss What They’ve Had Done

Hear directly from patients of Sean Wilson DDS about what type of work they’ve had done under the care of Dr. Sean Wilson.

Patients from Sean Wilson DDS Talk About The Generosity of Dr. Sean Wilson

Sean Wilson DDS provides so much more than just dental care – they provide OVERALL care. Listen to some of the nice things Dr. Sean Wilson’s patients have to say about their experiences.

Dr. Sean Wilson’s Patients On Their Experiences

Listen to some testimonials from patients at Sean Wilson DDS.

Danielle Zaragoza on Periodontal Disease Antibiotics

Listen to hear Danielle Zaragoza, from Sean Wilson DDS, discuss antibiotics that can be used for periodontal disease,

Danielle Zaragoza Talks About The Best Toothbrush To Use

Curious about which toothbrush is right for you? Listen to Danielle Zaragoza from Sean Wilson DDS discuss which one might be the best for you.

Danielle Zaragoza from Sean Wilson DDS Discusses How X-Rays Can Help You

X-rays are an effective way of preventing gum issues. Find out how with Danielle Zaragoza from Sean Wilson DDS!

Danielle Zaragoza from Sean Wilson DDS Talks About Fluoride

What is fluoride and when is it most needed? Danielle Zaragoza from Sean Wilson DDS explains all.

Dr. Sean Wilson On Financing & Insurance

Worried about affording dental care? Listen to Dr. Sean Wilson discuss how to pay for dental care.