The Drive Line-Up: November 22nd, 2016

Today on the Tuesday Drive, we’re recapping our escapades in DC with some of those we met with along the way, including Santa Rosa’s own Jayden Lim, who was honored & spoke at the White House while we were there!  Plus, Santa Rosa Police Chief Hank Schreeder joins us to talk about local immigration policy under Trump, we’ll talk about last night’s big Raiders win with the Bay Area Sports Guy, and we’re debuting a brand new wine segment with the Sonoma County Vintner’s!

3:20 – Elie Jacobs (Truman National Security Project)
3:35 – Santa Rosa Police Chief Hank Schreeder
3:50 – The Bay Area Sports Guy, Steve Berman
4:05 – Congressman Mike Thompson
4:20 – Political Commentator Krystal Ball
4:40 – Drive CIA Guy Mel Goodman
5:05 – Nikki Lim/Jayden Lim (Tribal Youth Ambassadors Program)
5:20 – The Brand New Drive Wine Show with Jean Arnold Sessions from the Sonoma County Vintners