The Drive Line-Up – November 28th

We’re back after the long holiday weekend! So much to talk about after the Thanksgiving namely, namely Tweeter-In-Chief Elect Donald Trump back at it again – this time claiming millions of ‘illegal’ votes in the most recent election…including from California; political commentator Bill Press joins us to discuss.   Also, longtime Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro died over the weekend, Editor of the Cuban Journal Lou Perez will join us.  Plus, we’re finding out more about the financial discrepancies at Santa Rosa’s CMedia – the PD’s Kevin McCallum joins us with more.

3:15 – Bill Press

3:35 – Monday’s with Lanny Davis

4:05 – UNC Professor Louis Perez (Editor – Cuban Journal)

4:20 – Humorist & Storyteller Dylan Brody

4:40 – Courtney Cronin (Bay Area News Group

5:05 – Kevin McCallum (Press Democrat)

5:20 – Justice Gone Wild with Attorney Traci Carrillo