The Drive Line-Up – November 29th

Back live on a Tuesday!  Mixing in some comedy and fun along with all the big topics of the day.  Following Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election, a new movement has grown in California to leave the United States, it’s been dubbed the “CalExit” movement, but how realistic is it?  Marcus Ruiz is leading the campaign and joins us today at 5:05.  Also today, Congressman Jared Huffman joins us for reaction to the current Dakota Access Pipeline controversy.  Plus – we’ll laugh it up with comedians Jamie Kilstein & Johnny Steele!

3:15 – Glenn Garvin (Miami Herald)

3:35 – Comedian Jamie Kilstein

3:45 – Kelin Backman/Josh Windmiller (Rivertown Ball)

4:05 – Congressman Jared Huffman

4:20 – Off the Vine with Karissa Kruse

5:05 – Marcus Ruiz (Yes California)

5:20 – Comedian Johnny Steele