Bernie Sanders Speaks Out About Donald Trump’s Claim That Millions of People Voted Illegally

In this Nov. 3, 2016, photo, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., campaigns for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at the University of Cincinnati. President Barack Obama hands over the White House to Republican Donald Trump in 71 days, leaving the Democratic Party leaderless and with few up-and-coming stars among its aging cast of stalwarts. The defeat of Clinton, an experienced Washington politician who sought common ground with Republicans, could make it more likely that the party will turn to its liberal wing as it grapples with its future. That’s best represented by Sanders, whom Clinton defeated in a long primary, and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a pull-no-punches progressive darling. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders says Donald Trump is delusional for tweeting that citizens voted illegally for Hillary Clinton, allowing her to win the popular vote. On “Conan,” with Conan O’Brien, Sanders said by Trump saying this, he is allowing Republican leaders to implement voter suppression, making it harder for minority groups to participate in the voting process.

When asked about another Trump tweet concerning consequences citizens should face if they decide to burn the American flag, Sanders said there are issues like climate change, universal health care, income inequality, immigration reform and criminal justice reform that Trump should be focusing on as opposed to the handful of people who may decide to burn the American flag