The Drive Line-Up – November 30th

It’s the Wine Wednesday Drive!  Today we’ll be talking with Marcus Ruiz, the main man behind the movement to separate California from the Union, he’ll join us to to describe how it would work.  Plus, lots of news being made on the political front, Senior Political Analyst Dr. David McCuan joins us to make sense of it all.  Can’t forget California Wine Country with Dan Berger, today we’re featuring the Wine Educator from La Crema Wines!

3:15 – David McCuan

3:35 – Marcus Ruiz (Yes California)

3:45 – Dining Out For Life

4:05 – The Boho Buzz with Tom Gogola

4:15 – Calistoga Mayor Chris Canning

4:20 – Lawyers, Guns, and Money with

5:05 – California Wine Country with Dan Berger, this week featuring La Crema