The Drive Line-Up – December 2nd

Closing out another wild week on The Drive with the Friday Drive!  At a rally in Ohio yesterday, Donald Trump confirmed his pick for Secretary of Defense as General James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis; but as Politico’s Carla Marinucci reports – Genereal Mattis called Trump’s policies ‘kooky’ just 5 months ago.  She’ll join us today to break it all down.  Culinary Commodore Clark Wolf will be in, the Petaluma Radio Players will drop by to talk about their new show, Joe Neumaier will talk movies, and Lynette Lyon will be in to talk about a fun new app!

3:15 – NY Film Critic Joe Neumaier

3:35 – Carla Marinucci (Politico)

3:45 – Petaluma Radio Players

4:05  – Culinary Commodore Clark Wolf

4:15 – Lynette Lyon (Lyon Ranch/Waggle.TV)

4:35 – Needle Droppings with Doug Jayne from the Last Record Store