The Drive Line-Up – December 5th

Back live on a Monday on The Drive!  Lots to cover on today’s show – Donald Trump made another surprising nomination this morning as he continues to fill out his cabinet, Political Analysts Cliff Schecter and Lanny Davis, we’ll get the latest on the tragic Oakland fire with ABC’s Alex Stone who will join us from the scene.  Also today, the Raiders are flying high after another big win and the 49ers couldn’t fall any further, Mercury News Sports Guy Mark Purdy joins us.  Finally, a big Santa Rosa Council meeting this week, one of the tasks being to pick a new Mayor, how will the votes fall?  Local Analyst Terry Price joins us in-studio!

3:20 – Political Analyst Cliff Schecter
3:35 – Monday’s with Lanny Davis
3:50 – Alex Stone (ABC News)
4:05 – Mercury News Sports Guy Mark Purdy
4:20 – Sonu Chandi (County Bench)
4:40 – Chris Smith (Press Democrat)
5:05 – Local Political Analyst Terry Price
5:20 – Justice Gone Wild with Traci Carrillo