The Drive Line-Up – December 7th

Chris Coursey

Santa Rosa has a new Mayor, last night selecting Chris Coursey for the job and picking newcomer Jack Tibbetts for Vice Mayor. Chris joins us in-studio today at 3:30. Plus! Jerry Harrison was a member of Talking Heads for 16 years and is now launching a new crowdfunding venture, he’ll join us as well. And we’ll have a conference room full of animals as Waggle makes it’s big announcement today as well! That and more coming up on today’s show.

3:15 – The team from Waggle & the animals of Lyon Ranch
3:35 – Santa Rosa Mayor Chris Coursey
3:50 – The Boho Buzz with Stet Holbrook
4:05 – Jerry Harrison & Brian Smith (RedCrow)
4:20 – Lawyers Guns and Money with
5:05 – California Wine Country with Dan Berger