The Drive Line-Up – December 12th

The post-election mayhem continues! A new report came out over the weekend on Russian interference in the Presidential election, attempting to tip the scales in Donald Trump’s favor. What does it all mean? Drive CIA Guy Mel Goodman returns to break it all down. Plus, some Electoral College Electors are requesting an intelligence briefing before casting their Electoral Vote for President, CA’s Christine Pelosi (daughter of Nancy Pelosi) is an Elector and will join us to tell us what it all means! That and more ahead on today’s show!
3:20 – Comedian Will Durst
3:35 – Monday’s with Lanny Davis
4:05 – Drive CIA Guy Mel Goodman
4:20 – Grant Cohn (Press Democrat)
4:35 – Congressman Jared Huffman
4:50 – Colin Knight/Lisa Alexander (Epicenter)
5:05 – Christine Pelosi