The Drive Line-Up December 19th

Monday, Monday…and we’re back live! Short week for us with the Warriors on the road Thursday/Friday. Today: one of the most prominent local attorneys Chris Andrian joins us in the studio as Traci Carrillo’s guest on Justice Gone Wild, the Electors are casting their votes today with very few defectors – so where do we go from here? Christine Peloisi and Elie Jacobs join us. Plus, Supervisor James Gore, Sonoma Mayor Rachel Hundley, and much more!

3:15 – Elie Jacobs (Truman National Security Project)
3:35 – Comedian Johnny Steele
3:50 – Michael Irvine (Boys & Girls Club of Central Sonoma County)
4:05 – Sonoma Mayor Rachel Hundley
4:20 – Steve Berman (Bay Area Sports Guy)
4:40 – Supervisor James Gore
5:05 – CA Elector Christine Pelosi
5:20 – Justice Gone Wild with Traci Traci Carrillo, today featuring Chris Andrian