The Drive Line-Up December 3rd

First show of 2017 on the way! It was a rough start to the new year for 49ers CEO Jed York who took a beating from the media, in particular the PD’s Lowell Cohn, in his post-season press conference – Lowell will join us to talk about it! Plus, quite in Congress as the GOP attempted to gut the ethics office, before changing their mind after backlash from constituents – Political Analysts Charles Ellison and Michael Shure will break down what happened.
3:20 – Political Analyst Charles Ellison
3:35 – Dave Graham (Bottle Rock)
3:45 – Clark Wolf
4:05 – Lowell Cohn (Press Democrat)
4:20 – Drive CIA Guy Mel Goodman
4:40 – Political Analyst Michael Shure
5:05 – Drive Media Guy John Shrader
5:20 – The Vintners Vibe with the Sonoma County Vintners