Demi Lovato wants people to “feel empowered” by her character in “Smurfs: The Lost Village”

Columbia Pictures/Sony Pictures Animation (NEW YORK) — She doesn’t have any songs on the soundtrack, but Demi Lovato is a huge part of the new animated movie Smurfs: The Lost Village, in theaters today.  She voices the role of Smurfette, the only female Smurf…or so we’ve been led to believe.

“You’ve always known Smurfette as the only girl Smurf and it’s time that that changes,” Demi told ABC Radio about her character. “Y’know, she wanted to know more about her identity, and so she sets out on this adventure and she learns who she is.  And you get to find out why she’s the only girl Smurf…and if she is the only girl Smurf.”

“My character Smurfette is very curious,” adds Demi. “She wants to know what her purpose is so she sets out on this adventure and she jeopardizes her safety…she’s independent, she’s a bit mischievous, but most of all, she’s brave and courageous.”

Demi says she loved having the opportunity to portray a strong female character because it’s a huge part of her art, whether she’s singing a song or starring in a movie.

“It’s always important for me to think about the roles that I’ll be playing or the messages that I put in my music,” she explains. “I always want there to be some sort of strength behind every song that I put out or character that I play.”

“I want people to feel empowered,” Demi adds. “And I’m glad that this is a role that younger people can look at and feel empowered by.”

Besides Demi, the movie’s voice cast also includes Julia Roberts, Joe Manganiello, Mandy Patinkin, Jack McBrayer, Ellie Kemper, Michelle Rodriguez, and Rainn Wilson.

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