INTERVIEW: Celebrating International Women’s Day


3rd District Supervisor Shirlee Zane shares what International Women’s Day means to her, what she believes the key is to finding parity between men and women in the workforce, some of the issues women are still dealing with to this day, how Sonoma County women have set themselves apart, and what role men play in this continued struggle:



On this International Women’s Day, Supervisor Susan Gorin talks about how important it is to remember how different the past was for women in life and the workplace, shares how politics have changed for women since she began her political career, what difference does it make that the Board of Supervisors is female lead, and addresses the disparity in women’s salaries that continues through today:



West County Supervisor, Lynda Hopkins, discusses the recovery status of the Russian River region and the beginning of debris removal, the volunteer groups who have added to the cleanup effort, shifts gears to a meeting with local women to plan an event for the one hundred anniversary of women achieving the right to vote, The WE 2020 events coming throughout the year to honor that historical moment, and what is has been like for she and her family to transition as they now have three kids:



Founder of the National Women’s History Alliance, Molly McGreagor, explains what the catalyst was for the Women’s Movement of the 1970’s, how the Women’s History Month cirriculum was developed, the reason International Women’s Day was created, and discusses how women’s place in society has changed and evolved: