Lawmakers Push To Revamp Animal Blood Bank Industry

Zoonar/Erik Lam/iStock/Thinkstock

A group of lawmakers are pushing to revamp California’s animal blood bank industry. Assemblyman Richard Bloom of Santa Monica says it’s for animal blood banks to be treated like human blood banks.



Assembly Bill 366, also known as the California Pet Blood Bank Modernization Act, is scheduled for a hearing next week. It aims to allow animal blood banks to utilize a donor blood collection system for dogs and cats. Current law requires blood banks to collect blood only from so-called “closed colonies,” which confine donor animals to cages and kennels for months or years. Senator Bloom wants to expand that and allow blood collections from a community-based, voluntary setting. The bill is supported by the Rescue and Freedom Project in Los Angeles and scores of veterinarians, including professors at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. It’s opposed however, by the California Veterinarian Medical Association which fears the measure would strangle the blood supply.